Introduction and the Course 158.335

June 10, 2017

Welcome to blog for the domains of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing (CloudComp) at  Massey Blogs.

This blog will host posts on IoT and CloudComp as well as general aspects of the course(s) related to these domains. Postings will be made mainly by members of the teaching team consisting of researchers, lecturers and tutors. Students could also submit posts for this blog via the teaching team.

The course has a Stream e-learning site where students will get specific information as well as course materials.

At Massey University, the 158.335 is the course on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing (CloudComp). The IoT and CloudComp are closely related domains requiring any project, even those in industry, to incorporate both domains.

The course was introduced in 2016 with only an internal offering. In 2017, the course started the distance learning offering. Currently the 158.335 course is being offered from the Palmerston North campus only.

158.335 is structured such that each of IoT and CloudComp are covered in 6 weeks and so have equal weighting. A key component of the course is the Creative Design Project (CDP), which is the most heavily weighted component of the course assessments. In the CDP students work in groups to design and implement the “thing” from an everiot-yday object such that it can participate on the Internet of Things and also make use of the Cloud for functions such as computations, data analytics and storage. Other assessments are weekly laboratory work on concepts and methods for the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing.

The course has a practical kit that is  currently centred around the Raspberry Pi (RPi) driven the Raspbian OS, which is used as a gateway for sensors and actuators, which are core components of the IoT. The RPi is also used to develop applications and manage the Cloud environment. The course currently uses the Amazon AWS Cloud Platform to teach concepts, methods and techniques in Cloud Computing.  Students have the option to buy all the components and assemble their own kit or to get the University prepared basic kit after paying a refundable bond.

158.335 has so far proved to be a popular course with student numbers increasing seven-fold with the distance learning offering in 2017.

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