Theses: Memory

A number of my past and present students have examined a variety of forms of memory in their theses:

Kacey Campbell The blue brain: Hemispheric asymmetry in depression as an explanation for working memory impairment.

Louise Collins Collaborative inhibition: Not a problem for work pairs.

Wendy Dinsdale The effects of target-decoy similarity and perceiver age on face recognition ability.

Jodi Field The eyes have it: Identifying mood- and age-related differences in attentional biases experienced in dysphoria through eye tracking.

Melanie Holdaway The effects of late-life depression on memory.

Katie Knapp Exploring the relationship between working memory capacity and task switching.

Allison Lamont Cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses of the effects of aging on memory in healthy young, middle-aged, and oldest-old adults.

Alexia Mengelberg Ageing, cognition and omega-3 fatty acids.

Amanda Naus The retrieval-enhanced suggestibility effect: Does warning participants reduce their susceptibility to misinformation? Exploring a retrieval fluency explanation.

Rachael Sim False memories and ageing: Source-monitoring interventions reduce false recognition in both younger and older adults.

Chris Stichbury Covariance in performance across multiple false-memory paradigms and the validity of web-based administration of false memory tasks.