Word Document Bibliographies and EndNote

May 19, 2009

Citations entered with the Word’s referencing tool can be converted to EndNote format using the EndNote tab: Convert Citations and Bibliography: Convert Word Citations to Endnote.

For documents where Word’ referencing tool was not used – then this cannot be done as Endnote requires references to be tagged, or at least consistently delineated, to work (see the relevant EndNote Import FAQ).

If there are not too many references, it may be possible to download them individually by looking each one up on a relevant database and exporting it. This is usually easier than trying to edit a new import file – which is tedious and will only work if the references are very consistent and mostly one type (say journal articles).

If the person has many (50+) references already cited in their thesis – then they can either:

  • continue manually entering ciations, and copy the references from EndNote (see the Tip: Copying references directly to Word… on page 15 of the Introductory EndNote handout).
  • use EndNote for the remaining citations and merge the bibliographies at the end.

Merging the bibliographies can be done by:

  1. Converting the Endnote code to plain word text
  2. Put the references into one long list
  3. Using Word’s Sort:Paragraphs function to interfile them (assuming an author-date list. Footnoted and/or numbered references may have to be manually sorted in order of citation.)

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