Massey Profile Installer

December 16, 2012

The Massey Profile Installer is what the library uses to manage EndNote settings and files so that it works smoothly with Massey Library resources. It is a good idea to download and run it after any EndNote software update to ensure settings are maintained.

It is available for both Windows PCs  or Macs. Make sure the EndNote program is closed before running the profile installer.

Notes for Mac users:

  • Some browsers may open the file. Right-(or CTRL-) click on the link to save it.
  • Some machines may give a security warning when trying to run the profiler. Right-(or CTRL-) click on the file and choose the Open options to override this.
  • You will need restart your computer after install to ensure settings are correctly loaded.
  • Check out our tips for Mac users post.

If you have any persistent problems, do contact the Library.

2 responses to “Massey Profile Installer”

  1. Anna says:

    I can’t get the program to run on my computer.