APA 7th for EndNote

January 13, 2020

The APA 7th style has been released for EndNote. As the new style is significantly streamlined over APA 6th, users should select it over the old one. It is the new default in EndNote X9.3.*+, use the Check for Updates… option under the Help menu (Windows users) or EndNote menu (Mac users). Once updated you can select APA 7th.

Issues with the APA 7th style:
It reads the Type and Date fields from EndNote references. This can make for messy references from databases that export to these fields. The easiest fix is to clear the fields by going to the Tools menu, and selecting Change/Move/Copy Fields. From the dropdown select Type of work, and/or Date. Click on the Clear field button and click OK.

Manual Download
If needed, users can also manually download and install APA 7th to EndNote:

  1. Download the style [If it opens rather than downloading, then right-click on the link to Save As…]
  2. Double click on the style to open (if it isn’t already open).
    To load it into EndNote:
  3. choose Save As… from the File menu
  4. then save as APA 7th (ie: delete the [space]Copy bit).
  5. Restart EndNote and Word to ensure it loads.
  6. You should be able to select APA 7th from the Style menus via Select Another Style…

2 responses to “APA 7th for EndNote”

  1. Ishani says:


    I was using the APA 6th so far and now I am asked to use the APA 7th.

    I have manually downloaded and installed the style (by following the given steps above) to my existing library. Now I could see the APA 7th.

    Now, how could I get updated my APA 6th based references (in-text and end-text) in my write up (word doc) into the APA 7th?

    • katherine says:

      Hi Ishani, you should be able to change in Word from APA 6th to APA 7th using the drop-down next to Style in the EndNote tab.