Microsoft Word

Why Does The Endnote Web Toolbar/Tab Appear In Word But Not The Endnote Desktop Toolbar/Tab?

January 10, 2011

EndNote installs with both of these – but normally only the Desktop one should be active. It is possible to switch between the toolbars. See the FAQ on the EndNote web site for instructions...Read more

Indent Control in Bibliographies

September 16, 2009

For example, to get indents that look like this…: …you need to set the Bibliography template in the Styles Editor (Edit: Output Styles: … Style) so that the hanging indent applies to all paragraphs: ...Read more

Manual Removal of Field Codes

December 10, 2008

Field codes should ideally be removed using EndNote as this will remove only EndNote field codes. To do this in Word – go to the EndNote tab in Word and select Convert Citations and Bibibliography:Convert to Plain Text. For other versions...Read more