Output Styles

New Zealand Veterinary Journal output styles

April 13, 2022

The New Zealand Veterinary Journal output style should be available to Massey users of EndNote, but if it isn’t in your list of styles, you can download it from this link: ...Read more

How Do I Add Reports In EndNote in APA style?

December 20, 2021

It can be difficult to know where to enter data to get reports to display correctly. Below is an example report. Enter relevant information as required from your own report(s) into the same fields as in the screenshot below. (You may not need to...Read more

What is a DOI and how do I include a DOI in EndNote?

December 17, 2021

A Digital Object Identifier (or DOI) is a number that uniquely identifies and locates a particular journal article. This remains the case even if the web address or URL for the article changes. It is used as part of the journal citation in...Read more

How Do I Get My Journal Names To Abbreviate Or Show The Full Journal Name?

December 15, 2021

If you want EndNote to include journal title abbreviations in your bibliography (rather than the full title – or vice versa), you will need to add the appropriate abbreviations into EndNote and then tell EndNote to use those, rather than the...Read more

How do I enter group or organisational authors?

December 15, 2021

For group or organisational authors, you need to type the name in full and add a comma at the end:  e.g. Massey University,  To correctly display a two-part author, add an extra comma after the first comma:  i.e. School...Read more