Why Do The Changes I Type Into My Citations/Bibliography Keep Disappearing?

February 19, 2011

When EndNote updates your citations/bibliography it will remove any text you have entered manually. This is because EndNote inserts the information from your Library directly into the document each time you open or update it. To edit this...Read more

Indent Control in Bibliographies

September 16, 2009

For example, to get indents that look like this…: …you need to set the Bibliography template in the Styles Editor (Edit: Output Styles: … Style) so that the hanging indent applies to all paragraphs: ...Read more

Word Document Bibliographies and EndNote

May 19, 2009

Citations entered with the Word’s referencing tool can be converted to EndNote format using the EndNote tab: Convert Citations and Bibliography: Convert Word Citations to Endnote. For documents where Word’ referencing tool was not used...Read more