Can I Use My Endnote Library With Different Versions Of Endnote?

February 12, 2011

Later versions of EndNote can read libraries from earlier versions. It is also possible to move libraries back-and-forth between versions of EndNote from X onwards, but remember that some features are not present in all versions (e.g. groups only...Read more

Can I Use My Endnote Library When Moving Between A PC And Mac?

February 11, 2011

EndNote libraries can be seamlessly shifted across these platforms. If you need to copy the Library (*.enl), remember to also to copy its *.data folder – or save the library in compressed format. Instructions for the latter are in Backing Up...Read more

EndNote For Mac: Tips For Best Performance

May 27, 2009

Pre-install Instructions 1. Important Note: Uninstall any existing version Before installing EndNote, make sure any earlier versions have been uninstalled to avoid possible conflicts. You can uninstall EndNote by opening EndNote, going to the...Read more