field codes

How Do I Activate The Shading Of The EndNote Text?

February 17, 2011

EndNote uses field codes to work with Word. It is useful to activate the field code shading in Word to make the EndNote text easier to see and so to avoid accidently editing or deleting it. Below are instructions for different versions of Word...Read more

How Do I Remove The Endnote Code To Create A Plain Word Document?

February 12, 2011

A Word document with Cite-While-You-Write references contains hidden codes that allow Word and EndNote to interact. It is possible to remove these to create a document that is ‘plain text’ Word document. If you are submitting an item for...Read more

Citations In My Word Document Have Disappeared, Replaced With {< ADDIN EN.CITE …}

January 23, 2011

The text {< ADDIN EN.CITE …} is normally a hidden Field Code that EndNote uses in Word. To toggle hiding or displaying these codes, press the Alt-F9 keys (or Option+F9 for a Mac). The normal Endnote citation should reappear. If it does not...Read more

Manual Removal of Field Codes

December 10, 2008

Field codes should ideally be removed using EndNote as this will remove only EndNote field codes. To do this in Word – go to the EndNote tab in Word and select Convert Citations and Bibibliography:Convert to Plain Text. For other versions...Read more