Alumni taking the reins, building the network

Massey EMBA alumni have taken the reins of their network and are facilitating reconnections across the country.  The movement was kicked off by a small group in Auckland which ran an inaugural breakfast late last year.  A number of alumni featured as presenters, giving insights into the exciting projects they were working on and some of the changes they had made since graduating.  Two of the four alumni presenters connected with the event from abroad.

Massey alumni, network, connections

The event also featured an insightful and inspiring industry speaker – Dorenda Britten – who gave a positive perspective on how the current MBA programme was being received by industry and how the new programme features aligned well with current industry needs.  Dorenda also challenged the EMBA alumni to reflect on their approaches, perspectives and assumptions as the business landscape is changing at a rate at which old thinking won’t cut it for much longer.

The alumni community have long recognised the value of their network, but have had difficulty extending their reach beyond their immediate cohort.  Massey is working to enable all EMBA alumni to find and leverage each other by developing an expertise database in which alumni will be able to search and find others who have had the Massey EMBA alumni experience to do business together more readily.

The Massey EMBA alumni community are invited to contribute to setting the EMBA alumni agenda for the next 12 months and beyond, to ensure that Massey continues to contribute to their professional needs and development in a relevant way.

A follow-up event is being planned for late April 2019 in Auckland with another event being planned for Wellington in May.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch, contact Meshweyla Macdonald at and register on the Massey EMBA website

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