At Massey University’s Executive Development Institute we help individuals and companies achieve their potential. We help people identify their goals, describe their ambitions, recognise their strengths and find the job they truly love.

Our Executive MBA (the longest standing MBA in the country) offers a flexible and supportive programme for executives who want to expand their role in their communities, their companies and the world. This sought-after qualification offers a broad and deep exploration of the skills which will define tomorrow’s executives.

Focussing on creating great leaders, the Master of Advanced Leadership Practice (MALP) nurtures the leader inside of us, challenging participants to understand their aspirations, boundaries, capabilities and the contribution they can make in a diverse and constantly changing world.

For individual and group development in companies, the Executive Development programmes help people grow in confidence, expand their skills and add value to every aspect of their lives. Working in partnership with a wide range of specialists we offer collaborative solutions which suit your specific needs. We also offer selected development pathways through the University for people who realise that learning is a lifelong experience.

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