There are a number of ongoing projects within the group. This page will host brief project topic descriptions. For detailed information on what each project is all about, you are referred to the publication pages of this site.

If you are interested in working with the HIKER Group in any of these projects, please, get in touch with team members of the HIKER Group.

Bayesian Networks in Healthcare:

Investigating modelling methodologies, development and applications of Bayesian Networks in Healthcare. This project is part of collaborative work with the RIM Group at Queen Mary Unniversity of London.

Learning Health Systems (LHS):

Investigating concepts, knowledge representation, paradigms as well as systems and technologies for LHS. This project is part of collaborative work with the RIM Group at Queen Mary Unniversity of London.

Data and Knowledge-Driven Recommendations:

Investigating data and knowledge-driven methods for attaining dynamism, novelty, and serendipity in recommender systems

Realistic Synthetic Electronic Health Record Generation (RS-EHR):

Investigating algorithms and knowlege models for generating the realistic snythetic electronic health record for certian types of secondary uses. This project is part of collaborative work with the HIKER Group members at University of Montana and Queen Mary Unniversity of London.

Computational Modelling of Clinical Guidelines, Protocols and Caremaps:

Investigating knowledge modelling, representation and computational methods for integrating clinical guidelines, protocols and caremaps into clinical decision support systems.

Language Modelling for Agglutinative Languages of Southern Africa:

Investigating data and knowledge-driven stemming-based approaches and models for agglutinative languages of Southern Africa to support text processing tasks such as spell and grammar-checking. This project is part of collaborative work with HIKER Group members at Chinhoyi University of Technology, Technological University Dublin and Queen Mary Unniversity of London.

Security and Privacy Project:

This project is part of ongoing work that is expected to lead to the 2nd Edition of the book, Electronic Healthcare Information Security.

  • Investigating new metaphors and hybridisation of mechanisms for security and privacy for Personal Health Information (PHI) focusing on the electronic health record;
  • Investigating data and context-driven approches and methods for security and privacy associated with “things” within the Cloud Internet of Things (Cloud IoT) paradigm.

Reasoning Systems and the Law

  • Support for deafeasible reasoning in reasoning systems (e.g., Prolog-based systems)
  • Legal knowledge modelling and reasoning to support automated preliminary legal assessments of cases
  • Reasoning systems in self-driving cars vs laws, regulations and standards