Massey University Blues Sports Awards

Applications and nominations for the 2023 Massey University Blues Sports Awards closed on 31st July 2023. Award recipients were recognised at an online function in October 2023.

The Massey University Blues Sports Awards are annual awards for top-level student-athletes. The Blues are part of a long standing tradition of recognising sporting excellence at New Zealand universities.

The Blues are open to all sports people at Massey who have achieved outstanding results in both their sport and academic studies. To be considered for a Blue, student-athletes must meet the sport and academic criteria. Sport criteria are set by the National Sporting Organisations (NSO) and differ slightly for each sport.

Sport criteria:
Qualifying period: 1 September 2022 to 31 July 2023.
Meet the standard/s outlined by the NSO.
– excellence in play and sportsmanship
– exceptional merit or honour in the particular sport concerned.
The exceptional merit or honour should be displayed at regional, national or international events during the sport qualifying period. The standard is set by each NSO for the relevant sport.
*Please note the change to the sporting period above. In order to better coordinate the sporting and academic periods with closing dates some changes have made to the period for sporting achievements. The 2023 awards will therefore have a shorter sporting period, with 2024 and beyond being a full 12 months. No achievements / time period will be missed as the 2022 awards recognised achievements up until 31st August 2022.

Academic criteria:
Qualifying period: July (previous year) to June (current year). This period covers Semester 2, Summer School and Semester 1.
– must be enrolled at Massey and pursuing or completing a qualification during the academic qualifying period.
– gained a successful pass in a minimum of 45 credits over the qualifying period or be completing your qualification.

In addition to an athlete “Blue”, Massey also recognises other high-level sporting achievers through these sports awards.

Find out more about the categories and how to nominate on the Applications and Nominations tab.