Hey Bennett!: How about teaching beneficiaries to be bosses?

March 14, 2013

Paula Bennett has claimed that giving beneficiaries two weeks work in the census call centre is an indication of the  success of her government policies in the welfare area.  At the same time she also admitted there were not enough jobs to go around. This is something those of us who have been monitoring the economy have known for a long time now.  Yet still the mantra is one of job creation with the emphasis on finding a person full time employment.  It is the absence of employment opportunities that is at the core of the problem.  Instead of constantly berating the beneficiaries to find a job, and tinkering with employment law to “make it easy’’ to hire people, why not address the core issue.  Quite simply there is not enough jobs.   An obvious solution appears – stop training people for employment and start teaching people how to turn themselves into their own bosses, that is show people that they do not need to be employed by others but can be employed by their own efforts.  This is not such a radical idea and would not mean a great shift in resources, just a massive shift in the way the department views their so called clients. Until we cease the nonsense that there are jobs out there for those that want them we as a country will only see the ‘jobless’ continue to be subjugated.

Dr Andrew Cardow


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