About Us

In 2016, a group of PhD students gathered at the Department of Communication and Journalism Scholar’s Lounge at the Wellington campus of Massey University. The aim was to establish a community of scholars from different fields and to create a a space where ideas can be shared. A little more than a year later, this blog was born. As an ode to the academic crib where this community was born and nurtured, we call this space “The Scholars’ Lounge.”

The Scholars’ Lounge┬áprovides a venue for doctoral students of Massey University to share their views about the different issues relevant to today’s world. We envision this blog to be a space where doctoral students can communicate their research and their opinions on different topics relevant to today’s world to other academics and to the public, in general.

We welcome contributions from Massey doctoral students on a wide variety of topics.

The views expressed by the doctoral students in this blog do not necessarily represent the views of Massey University.

This blog is managed by Christie Satti (@ChristieSatti), a PhD candidate at the School of Public Health and the School of People, Planning, and Environment; and John Guilaran (@JohnGuilaran), a PhD candidate at the School of Psychology.

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