134.218 Environmental Philosophy

Our Environmental Philosophy paper is centrally about human wisdom regarding our natural surroundings and the ways in which we (fail to) deal with them.

In this course, we consider a wide spectrum of issues, from basic conceptual questions like What exactly are these things called ‘nature’ and ‘environment’ anyway? to political problems like How should environmental benefits and burdens be distributed?

As you’ll find, these questions don’t always have answers to which we can all agree. In fact, often we end up with far more questions than we had to begin with. However, that’s a key feature of philosophical discourse across space and time, and one of the reasons why the subject never gets boring.

If such inquiry in general and the issues of environmental philosophy in particular sound like something you’d be interested to dive into, consider joining us.

Whether on campus or on screen, we hope we’ll see you in our class in the future ツ

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