New on the Bookshelf: Philosophy of Perception: A Contemporary Introduction (2nd Ed)

Check out the latest edition of this philosophy of perception textbook by Massey Philosophy’s Bill Fish:

Routledge describes its key features and benefits as follows:

  • The only single-authored textbook on the philosophy of perception currently available
  • Devoted to contemporary theories and topics, but with appropriate historical coverage for a fuller understanding of contemporary work
  • Each chapter includes a chapter overview, questions for further consideration, and an annotated list of suggested readings

More details HERE.

2021 NZAP Conference

In 2021, the Annual Conference of the Association of Philosophers in Aotearoa New Zealand (NZAP) is organised by Massey University Philosophy.

The event takes place from 5-8 December at our Manawatū campus (Palmerston North). For information about the event, visit the conference website HERE.

Successful PhD Defence

Matthias Kramm successfully defended his PhD thesis ‘Balancing Tradition and Development’ at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Matthias was co-supervised by Krushil Watene and spent the summer of 2018 at Massey University Albany. During that time, he wrote ‘When a River Becomes a Person‘ which was awarded the Kukyls Prize at the 2019 HDCA Conference and subsequently published in the Journal of Human Development and Capabilities.

Webinar with Marco Grix: Goodbye, Lenin? From a Steel Town in East Germany to Working on Consumption Ethics in New Zealand

On Friday, 24 April 2020, Marco Grix talked about his path to Massey Philosophy.

As a 16-year old East German, I experienced with some bewilderment, but also excitement, the sudden influx of consumer goods into my world. After the Berlin Wall fell, the shelves in our stores were transformed almost magically, and virtually overnight. So were we and our homes. Old clothes, furniture, stereos and TVs went out. Shiny new commodities came in, at least where people could afford them. As I grew up, I never thought of us as materially poor or wanting. Our needs for food, clothing and shelter were satisfied just fine. Yet 1989’s radical change in East German consumption showed just how alluring modern consumerism is. When I began my Philosophy PhD 20 years later in New Zealand, I found myself writing about the ethics and politics of consumption, with a special focus on what we actually need to flourish as human beings. The question of how we should, and shouldn’t, consume has remained a major theme in my work. An accident? Hardly. To hear more about my story, join me for a chat about what I do, and why.

Watch the recorded webinar HERE.

New on the Bookshelf: Contemporary Nondual Śaivism

Check out the latest book by Massey Philosophy’s Doug Osto:

The book analyzes the contemporary global revival of Nondual Śaivism, a thousand-year-old medieval Hindu religious philosophy. Providing a historical overview of the seminal people and groups responsible for the revival, the book compares the tradition’s medieval Indian origins to modern forms, which are situated within distinctively contemporary religious, economic and technological contexts.

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