Sheepmilknz News and Views (April)

News and Views:

  1. Spring Sheep Milk Co  headlines new programme from TVNZ:
  2. Maui Milk  Rural Delivery feature (particularly Katy Day’s commentary): (apologies for missing this off the earlier message).
  3. Jamie Gray’s NZ Herald piece on sheep dairying:
  4. UK sheep dairying (Simon Stott’s farm):
  5. Spain and Mexico’s  manchego dispute:
  6. Sheep Milk Report: Southland Regional Development report  (NZIER-Final-the-Potential-for-Sheep-Milking-in[1]) on Sheep Milk (prepared by NZIER)

Products/ Foods:

  1. Does anyone do a sheep cheese version of  great kiwi ‘Cheese on toast’? See the NYC dish:
  2. What iconic foods/dishes are there in NZ movies that we might give a sheepmilk twist to? Movie dishes:
  3. Sheep milk cheese with seaweed:
  4. Blue River Sheep Milk soap:
  5. Soured milk drinks:
  6. Organic sheep milk cosmetics:
  7. Sweets: New Charing Cross Sheep milk ‘truffles’ (at the farmers market): 30708986_591461644546225_133172706622308352_o.jpg


Winsam Farm: Small Milkplan milking stall for sheep or goats:


Various East Friesian starter flock ewes for sale

  1. Canterbury:
  2. Otago:
  3. Hawkes Bay:
  4. Auckland:
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