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News  (national)


Danone’s Maui Milk-Supplied Sheep Milk Infant Formula  priced 15 percent above goat milk

In what can be seen as a vote of confidence in sheep milk’s superiority as a infant formula-base, French dairy giant Danone has priced the first batch of its 

Maui-milk supplied Karicare sheep milk infant formula at just under $53 for a 900gm tin. This compared with $46 for goat milk infant formula, 

$35 a tin for A2 cow milk Infant formula, $27 for soy milk and $21-$27 for various types of cow milk-based infant formulas. 

See website for details:


Spring Sheep Milk says rising demand for sheep milk due to Covid-19 advice


Waikato Milking System New Install for Maui Milk suppliers Allan and Toni Browne near Cambridge. 

Waikato Milking System’s Linkedin account carried news and photos  in of their new rotary sheep milking installation. 

As they note: ‘We’re just putting the finishing touches on a new 70-bail, internal sheep rotary milking system in New Zealand. 

The new parlour is expected to handle about 1200 ewes at Astra Farms in the Waikato region, 

using our ECR-S (electronic cup removers) to help automate milking time. The project is expected to be completed by the end of May’.


2020 NZ Specialist Cheese Makers Award winners

Trophies winner:

Gold Medal Sheep Cheese winners were: 

Silver Medal Sheep Cheese Winners: 

  • Waimata Sheep Milk Feta (Waimata’s first season cheeses)
  • Waimata Sheep Milk Blue

Silver medal Yoghurt award winner: 

News stories: Nelson Artisan Cheese makers recognised

Overall winners


New Business Manager Appointment at Maui Milk

Maui Milk has appointed Waikato-native Tom Woutersen (pictured with Thomas MacDonald while at Waikato University) as its new business manager 

to  provide support for new suppliers as they transition to sheep dairying. Tom hails from a Cambridge dairy farming background, 

has a Massey Ag Science degree, a Masters of Management degree (Agribusiness) with first class honours, and several years rural banking experience. 

He recently returning from his OE and has also worked with an innovative start-up in agriculture (Halter).


Fernglen wins Outstanding NZ Food Producer Gold Medal and People’s Choice Awards

Awards announcement


Blue River rebrand as ‘South Island Dairy’ and selling  Italian sheep milk-based infant formula in NZ pharmacies and online.

Blue River donates medical supplies to Italy to fight Covid-19


NZ’s Sheep and Beef greenhouse Nitrous Oxide gas emissions overstated (AgResearch)


News (International)

(Australia) Pecora Dairy’s Cressida Cains picks up Rural Women’s award

(UK)  Sheep Dairying on the brink due to Covid-19

Covid-19 lockdown pushes UK non-bovine industry toward collapse

Financial support vital for UK non-bovine milk sector

(US) Covid-19: US Artisan Cheese Makers are in trouble

(China) Chinese Heilongjiang Dairy Company’s sheep milk butter and SheepMilk infant formula finalists  in World Dairy Awards (winners to be announced June 16). 

(Australia) Australia’s Cheese Therapy rescue boxes (Australia consumers respond to artisan producers)

(Poland)  Polish sheep dairying – feature

(Ireland) Irish Sheep Milk Producer finds silver lining in online sales

(Australia) Ever thought of milking sheep?

(Cyprus)  A win along the way for Cypriot  halloumi producers



Maui Milk Look for Farm (milking and lambing) staff

Maui Milk, which operates two farms western bays are of Lake Taupo, is looking for lamb rearing and milking staff starting in August. Accommodation is provided and contracts are available for  3 to 7 months. 

Maui Milk looking for a General Manager of Farming 

Maui Milk is also looking for a GM farming to take responsibility for both Waikino and WKT farms.  

Kiwi ‘Woofers’ required 

James and Kate Clairmont of Craggy Range Sheep Dairy are on the lookout for kiwis keen to learn a thing or two about sheep dairying through short period of work in exchange for room and board on their Havelock North farm over the coming season.  Contact James on: 021 969 696 also see: Craggy Range Sheep Dairy           

NZ Border closure and the dairy farming worker shortage


Product news

Waitrose launches cheese box to support artisan farmers

New sheep milk cheese (feta variant) into major UK supermarkets

Beer and cheese pairings


Foods (and other products):

Ten healthiest types of chees, according to a dietitian 

Croatia’s Pag Cheese



Milk Quality Overview ( attached) 

Small Ruminants and climate Change (attached)

Effects of machine milking on udder health in dairy ewes (attached)

Sheep Butter shows wound healing ability (attached)

Effects of Season on Ovine Milk Composition


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