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Conference Proceedings (Recordings)

  • 2015 Sheep Milk NZ Conference (below)
  • 2016 Sheep Milk NZ Conference (up shortly)
  • 2017 Sheep Milk NZ Conference (up shortly)

In this section of the site, we have organised slide decks,  video and audio from previous conferences and others sources into collections of resources for consultation and study. Among the first things that Sheep Milk NZ embarked upon was to visit John Ryrie at Orchid Meadows near Shaftsbury in Dorset (England). John was our AGMARDT international guest speakers that the our first conference. At the time he was managing the UK’s largest sheep dairying operation and was chair of the UK Sheep Dairy Association. He subsequently took at job as farm manager at Spring Sheep Dairy and moved to New Zealand in 2015. Listen to his presentation here; John Ryrie. Other presentations are timings are below.

2015 Sheep Milk NZ Conference Proceedings


Day 1: Sessions: Introduction,Consumers Markets and Products, Processing and Regulation (click to view video)

Janet and Miles King (opening the 2015 Sheep Milk NZ Conference) (click to listen)


  • Hoani Ponga (AgResearch)
  • Steve Maharey (Massey)  4:22
  • Todd McLay (Associate Minister of Trade): 10: 22
  • Janet and Miles King (introduced by Linda Samuelsson): 18.32

First Plenary:  Lucy Griffiths: 35:08

Consumers Markets and products

  • Joannie Williams (Origin Earth): 1.39
  • Abby Thompson (Riddett,) 1.42
  • Justine Neylon (Blue River Dairy): 1.45
  • James Clairmont (Waiheke Cheese): 1.57
  • Andrew Ivory (Waituhi  Kuratau): 2.06
  • Brian Beuke (Neudorf): 2.13
  • Scottie Chapman (SLC): 2.21

John Ryrie (AGMARDT International Guest Speaker)(click to listen)

Second Plenary:  John Ryrie:  (introduced by Malcolm Nitschke, Agmardt): 2.26

Processing and Regulation Workshop 3.29 (Chair Richard Archer)

  • Chair: Richard Archar (Chair)
  • Alaa El-Din Bekhit (Otago U): 3.30
  • Wayne Young (AgResearch): 3.37
  • Shane Kells (Food Waikato): 3.43
  • Richard Archer (Massey): 3.49
  • Kevin Gilbert (Thermoflo): 3.52

Day 2: Farm Operations, Genetics and Breeding and Industry Structure  (click to view video, timings are below) 

Farm Operations workshop (chair, Sam Peterson)

  • Linda Samuelsson  (overview of AgResearch work) (start)
  • David Stevens (AgResearch): 6.04
  • Sue McCoard (weaning)  (AgResearch): 11.00
  • David Stevens (AgResearch): 15.25
  • Guy Trafford (setting up)(Lincoln U): 18.52
  • Chris Smith ( Effluent management) (AgResearch) 28.25

Genetics and breeding (chaired by Jock Allison)

  • Andy Gunson (Farmer/engineer): 36.37
  • Nick Lyttle (Mineral Systems): 52.19
  • Ian McDonald (Xcell): 1.05
  • Sam Peterson (Massey): 1.09
  • Jock Allison (Guru): 1.19
  • William McMillan (consultant): 1.32
  • Nicolas Lopez-Villalobos (Massey): 1.45
  • John McEwan (AgResearch): 1.55
  • Ken Geenty (consultant) 2.08
  • Ian Mcdonald (Xcell): 2.15

Industry Structure workshop (Chair Craig Prichard)

  • Elena Garnevska (Massey): 2.20
  • Andrew MacPherson (LandCorp): 2.35
  • Brendan Claire (BNZ): 2.44
  • Lucy Griffiths (consultant): 2.53