Proceedings: 2016 Sheep Milk NZ Conference Proceedings

2016 Sheep Milk NZ Conference








Day 1. Conference Welcome

Honorary Guest Jazz Hewitson (Antara Ag Farms), Steve Maharey (Massey University) and Warren McNabb (AgResearch)

Consumers, Products and Markets Session (click to view)

  • Blue River CEO Mr Chen (China): ‘Insights into the Chinese market/consumer’
  • Grandvewe Cheeses CEO Diane Rae (Australia): ‘Relationship Marketing Creating value for the customer and profit for you’.
  • Super Organic/Maui Milk Dairy CEO Natalie Dang (China): ‘ Investments into the New Zealand Sheep Dairy industry ’
  • Super Organic Dairy Manager Hunter MacGregor (China): ‘Challenges and opportunities for Sheep Dairy products in China.
  • Spring Sheep Dairy CEO Scottie Chapman (NZ): ‘Case Studies in Creating Successful Agri-Businesses’

MBIE-AgResearch Project Session (click to view)

Chaired by Linda Samuelsson, AgResearch

  • Linda Samuelsson (AgR) ‘Overview o f the research programme Boosting exports of the emerging NZ dairy sheep industry’
  • Marita Broadhurst (AgResearch) ‘Understanding sheep milk composition in the NZ environment’
  • Mikhail Vyssotski (Callaghan Innovation): ‘Lipid composition of NZ sheep milk’
  • Wayne Young (AgResearch): ‘Differential effects of sheep and cow milk on gastrointestinal physiology in a rat model’
  • David Stevens (AgResearch): ‘Influence of liveweight gain profiles between 12 and 20 weeks of age on puberty and mammary gland development’
  • Sue McCoard (AgResearch): ‘Designing early weaning approaches to optimise lamb growth and milk harvesting’
  • Natalie Watkins and Bob Longhurst (AgResearch): ‘Effluent management on a dairy sheep farm’

OPUS International Manufacturing and Regulation Session (click to view)

Chaired by Marc Dresser Opus Consultant

  • Matt Barnett (AgResearch) ‘From Ewe to Me; what’s in sheep milk and why it’s good for you’
  • Alistair Carr (Massey University) ‘Whey to go ! Sheep milk whey Project Outline’
  • Jolin Morel (Massey University) ‘Pellet Freezing Sheep Milk as transport and storage option; a project outline’
  • Stuart Gordon and Shane Kells – Food Waikato spray drying facility
  • Richard Archer (Massey University): ‘Options for a multi-product drying platfo rm for the lower North Island’.
  • Gareth Young (OPUS , Rural Consultant): ‘Sheep Dairying in the Wairarapa;the Grow Wellington Study’

Day 2. 2016 Sheep Milk NZ Conference

Plenary Address: AGMARDT International Guest Speaker Haim Lebovich (Israel):  ‘Increasing production and profit of dairy sheep through management, lamb rearing and nutrition’

De Laval Farm Operations Session (click to view)

Chaired by Marc Dresser and Libby Young (de laval)

  • Andy Gunson (Waiwhare, Hawkes Bay): ‘2015 -6 Seaso n Rev iew’
  • Diane Rae (Grandvewe Cheeses, Tasmania): ‘The Journey so far: an Australian ‘purpose-built’ d airy sh eep ’
  • Liz and Dave Clayton: ‘Effluent happens’
  • Nick Morison (PPL Industries ): ‘Feeding sy stem s’
  • Digby Philips, Territory Manager, Stock X: ‘Online stock trading for the Sheep Dairying industry’
  • Ian Carr (Rutec) ‘Animal Husbandry; tools for the job’
  • Sam Peterson (Massey): Sheep Dairy Nutrition
  • Amber Jenson (Massey): ‘Lamb Rearing growth rates’
  • Brad Nieper (Massey): Lamb Rearing; Behaviour and welfare

Genetics and Breeding Session (click to view)

  • Suzanne Rowe (AgResearch): “Opportunities for applying Genomics within the NZ dairy sheep industry”
  • Peter Gatley and Jake Chardon (Southern Cross Technology); ‘Dairy sheep genetics: What we need and how to get it’
  • Jo Kerslake (Abacus Bio): ‘Sheep milk genetic improvement – what does
  • industry need?’
  • Megan Scholtens (Massey): Developing a Sheep Dairy Industry Breeding Index
  • Ian McDonald (Xcell)

Industry Structure Session  (click to view)

Craig Prichard (Massey): ‘Common Issues and Responsive Structures’