What can SheepMilkNZ do for you?

Sheep Milk NZ is a promotion and industry development  entity involved in supporting and developing Aotearoa’s fledgling Sheep Dairy Industry. Sheep Milk NZ is based in Massey University’s School of Management. Since 2015 it has co-organized  the annual Sheep Milk NZ national conference and  exhibited at multiple shows, events and workshops including National Field Days, CD Field Days, Young Farmers Club Competitions, the Auckland Food Show, Exotic Sheep Days and regional workshops in Wairarapa and Taranaki and elsewhere.  Sheep Milk NZ runs multiple research and development projects and coordinates visits and events in support of the industry.

Sheep Milk NZ’s Sheep Milk Exploratorium  can offer a full wrap-around sheep milk experience  (or some part of this)  that could include milking demonstrations,  sheep milk tasting,  product  making, product sales, introductions to sheep dairy community members, sheep dairy farm visits, study tours, workshops, competitions and interactive events. For details contact Craig Prichard by phone on  (++64)021 672 199, by  email c.prichard@massey.ac.nz, Twitter @craigprichard and Facebook ‘Sheepmilknz’ 

SheepMilkNZ’s Offering at the 2017 National Field Days (part of the Massey stand).

Where we worked hard to introduce new customers and new potential enthusiasts to the industry: