Stream upgrade June 26 & a more user-friendly text editor

June 18, 2014

Another user-interface change coming as part of the June 26 upgrade is a “refresh” of the text editor:

Current look:


New look:


By default the text editor will show a single toolbar:


Clicking the first button…


…shows additional toolbars:


Note that while the style and layout of the buttons has changed the editor works exactly the same.

Two buttons that have quite different icons are the HTML and Full screen features:

Current look:

HTML:    HTML_Icon_Old_v1   Full screen:FullScreen_Icon_Old_v1

New look:

HTML:   HTML_Icon_New_v1   Full screen:FullScreen_Icon_New_v1


These are “Moodle HQ” changes and are designed to improve accessibility and usability on different screen sizes and devices.

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