Core study resources & Printing

July 4, 2014

In Stream, a Core study resource is a Book resource or PDF document that can be printed by a student using the “Request Print Copies” feature.

To see which Books or PDFs will be printed just click the [Request Print Copies] button on your site:



This will open a new window displaying the printable resources in the lower section:


Note that this the system that students use to request print copies. It does not provide a way for teachers to manage core study resources. It is simply the best method (at the moment) to quickly preview what resources will be printable.

Core study resources are identified using a setting in the Book, File and Folder resources. To change this option first go back to the course home page, make sure you have turned editing on and then for each resource use the Edit settings option from the Edit menu:



For File and Folder resources the “Core study resource” setting can be found in the General section:



For a Book resource, the setting is in the Appearance section:


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