Another Cliché on How to Pass Uni

Guys. It’s coming. That time of the semester. That time we stock up on Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and M&Ms or whatever your go-to stress food is. That time we say “I wish I could but I gotta study” because we are Responsible Students. You know what I mean, end of semester exams are just around the corner and the panic is beginning to settle in as we realize we can’t sit in denial forever. Soon, the Te Rito lounge will be eerily quiet on Thursday drinking nights and the whole campus will be feeling the absence of Fun. I’m kidding. Studying is great fun.  In keeping with my theme of imparting great wisdom to you dear ones, I shall give you some tips on how to get through this magical time of year.

1. Start now.

Dude. Exams are in two weeks. Good grades take time. Start today and you’ll ace them. If you like the adrenalin rush/panic attack you get from studying the night before an exam then by all means, you do you, boo. However, personal experience has taught me that it pays off to start as early as possible. You’ll know your material as well as you know that organized mess in your room. When they ask you what the empirical formula for glucose is you’ll be able to say “CH2O” straight away, just like you’ll be able to say your earphones are under your bed next to your sock, hair tie and crumpled up tissues when your mom asks “can you find anything in this mess?”

2. Your lecturers are your friends.

I’m not saying you should invite them out to town on a Friday night. Although, that would surely be rather interesting. I’m just saying, don’t be shy. Need some help? Your lecturers would all probably jump at the chance to display their all knowing intellect by helping you answer that one math question you just can’t solve. If you visit them in their office on campus, you have the chance to ask the stupidest questions without risking the judge-y looks from your Super Cool Friends.

3. Procrastination is not your friend.

I’ve said this before; I’ll say it again. Don’t do it. Don’t get off at Procrastination Station because the next train out will be 20 Buzzfeed videos and a Big Bang Theory episode later.


4. Practice exams are a gift from the angels.

If you didn’t know this already, I have no idea how you’ve been passing your tests. Practice exams and past papers are the shizz. It’s highly likely your exam will have the same kind of questions and the same content. If you can ace these practice ones, you’ll fly through the real ones. Do them over and over again, but make sure you’re getting things right because you understand it and not just because you’ve memorized the answers, you sneaky little minx.

5. Exercise. Buy a plant. Get some oxygen in that brain.

Keeping your blood circulating and your brain well oxygenated helps you think. Apparently. I have yet to test this one out myself.

Bonus tip: Before your test do some jumping jacks, if you get that blood flowing you’ll get that brain going.

6. Spend time with your friends

Yes, I did just encourage you to have real fun. Sure, you could study 8 hours a day and do all the practice exams fifty million times, and you most probably will ace those exams because of it. But, as I have said before, mental health is important too. You’re not some super computer who can sit alone hunched over a desk for days on end in preparation for a test. Go outside, see some green, catch up with the gossip over a coffee date with your friends. Making sure your mind is in a good, relaxed (okay, semi-relaxed) place is just as important for your long term success. If you’re feeling down as a result of becoming a hermit over study break, stop, go outside and socialize. Then start again when you’re ready. It’s all about that balance, people.

Alright, that should do it. Armed with my pearls of wisdom I’m sure you can now all go out there and slay those papers. This will be my last post of the semester, so I’ll see you all on the other side. Peace out.

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