Super Cool Practical Tips on How to Manage Time

Alright, so we’re smack-dab in the middle of the semester with only seven weeks to go. Let’s do a quick sanity check:

  1. Are we eating 3 meals a day plus some definitely healthy snacks? Yup.
  2. Going to the gym? Totally.
  3. Finishing assignments on time? Definitely.
  4. Studying for tests? Yuppo.
  5. Doing laundry and groceries? Affirmative.
  6. Cleaning your room? Sure.
  7. Sleeping 8 hours? …maybe.
  8. Setting time aside to socialize and not turn into a hermit? Mmhm.

Whether managing to complete that whole list of things proves whether I’m still sane or not is up to your professional judgment. When you’re in university, you really begin to realize how precious time is. Many people make excuses, but alas, I, for one, am determined to make the most of my 24-hour day. Admittedly, finding time to go to the gym during a 6 hour school day and study for upcoming tests is a bit of a struggle and juggle, and yes, unfortunately 6 am mornings are becoming a regular happening hence the lack of surety on those 8 hour sleepy times, however those summer time abs are definitely going to be worth it (they better be). It is because I have proven myself to be a Master of the Time Managing, I shall impart to you some Super Cool Practical Tips on How to Manage Time.

Tip #1: Put things in a calendar

It is bloody incredible how things just pile on top of one another once the mid-semester break ends. Before you know it, you have two tests and assignments a week and just a brick-ton of deadlines to keep in mind. Get them down on paper, visualization is key, the calendar lets you know when to start panicking and stop binge watching Grey’s Anatomy because your assignment’s due in two days.

Tip #2: Get to know your timetable really, really well

Those sneaky 2 hours between classes could seem like nothing. I mean, that’s only about two episodes’ worth of How to Get Away With Murder, but when you start thinking like the Productive Student you are, you realize that 2 hours are perfect for doing the laundry. What to do while you wait for your laundry? That’s right, now it’s time to choose between four episodes of Modern Family or two of Grey’s Anatomy. Or, well, I guess you could study. I’m getting to that bit.

Tip #2.1 Get to know your timetable really, really well

During that promising and optimistic time of New Year’s Resolutions you decided to be super healthy and super smart this year. Of course, being the responsible and Productive Student we have already established you are, you decide that you must, must get good grades, but the possession of summer-time abs is also a very appealing idea. But wait, you have four to six hours of lectures a day, every day, plus an extra three hours of studying totaling to about seven to nine hours of nerd time to get those Good Grades. When will I get to grow my abs? This is where it gets tricky.

The weeks when you need those extra hours after dinner to study for an upcoming exam (week 6 – 14, hah), you will probably find you simply can’t find time to go to the gym. But alas, dear one, I shall introduce you to the Gym Opening Hours: 6:30am to 9:30pm on weekdays. So after dinner, you can study to your little nerdy heart’s content but 6:30am is when you hit the gym and grow those abominable abdominals. Yes, you probably have to literally roll yourself out of the bed, but don’t worry, it’s worth it. Who doesn’t like endorphins. Coffee helps too.

Tip #3: Yes, you have friends so you probably should see them some time

For some of you this may not be the case, but if you’re like me, setting time aside to play with your friends is actually pretty difficult. I know, I know, I’m such a nerd, but seriously, those textbooks require almost constant attention. However, it is important to remember that a good social life is just as important as a good academic life. Mental health is important too. Getting caught up in the workload and drowning in practice exams could leave you feeling, well, just blegh. Feeling blegh is not good. Friends will help you stop feeling blegh. You may think that you need to choose between one or the other, but that’s just part of Good Time Management. If you follow all my Super Cool Practical Tips on How to Manage Time you’ll find that if you don’t procrastinate and do things as planned, you actually will have time to socialize without the guilt that you left your textbook sad and lonely. But, if you screwed up a little and don’t have the time to socialize and you feel like dying inside, a 30 minute break wouldn’t hurt your grades horribly. Just make sure you stick to 30 minutes.

So, those were my Super Cool Practical Tips on How to Manage Time. I’m still working on the kinks so if you have any more tips shoot me a comment. I’d write a better conclusion to this blog, but I’ve got a physics test tomorrow morning and not a lot of time to spare studying-wise. I’ll catch you guys next time.

XOXO – Tania.

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