Ask Aunt Eee: Winter is coming, and so are Exams

Ask Aunt EeeI’m really worried I’m not gonna get anything done in study week! Help???
Studious Sarah, 18

Never underestimate the power of planning my sweet, if any major event didn’t have a plan it would fall to chaos, just imagine the Olympics! Gymnasts on the running track, swimmers trying to pole vault!? CHAOS my dear. Your study week is about to be the event of the year and the most important person is going to be the one which requires the most time, that is you my dear.

So let’s start out by mapping out your week, mark down any events or activities you are going to, we will work around them. Now check what you actually need to know for the test. Will there be questions on the semester test topics? Stream should be a good source of info on this, if not then a quick email to your lecturer won’t go amiss.

Time to prioritise, which exam is first, give the most time to studying that. You should do at least 4 hours of study in a day, which isn’t too hard, start at 8 and you’re done before lunch time.

Do what you don’t know first, and learn how you want to! If notes don’t work for you try searching up some YouTube videos on it. Just be careful not to fall into the trap of cat videos or buzzfeed, many a student has been lost to these wonders.

Above is a template to write out your week in, I believe in you! Good luck Sarah x


My laptop is freezing and I can’t afford to get it fixed right now, is there anyone I can go to?
Techy Tom, 18

Wonderfully there are IT people on campus, go the library help desk and ask the wonderful people there. I once witnessed a young lady tell the man at the desk “My laptop is screaming…” and he calmly told her what some of the issues could be, how she could fix it herself and if she didn’t have the ability to do that, a few computer places that did discounted student rates that she could go to. I believe they can do the same for you.

But if that is not your idea of a cup of peach tea on a summer day do not fear! As there is the great power of google, I had this same issue a year back and paid someone $60 to do something they later told me I could have done myself at home. Trust in good old Aunt Eee, you are more capable than you could possibly imagine with a good set of wiki how instructions in your hand.

Good luck with the cyber world cutie! x


The room in my flat is so cold before I go to bed, do you have any tips that could be any kinda help? Cheers!
Frosty Theodore, 20

Now, now we can’t have that! Let’s get you as snug as a bug in a rug ASAP. I’m just gonna stick to the cheap and free options for you as I know how tight things can be.

Curtains are your friend, the sun is a giant free radiator and with those magnificent fabric shields you can get that big warm glow and keep it for yourself. Open when the sun rises and close them just before it sets. It aint as hard as my papas fruit cakes that’s for sure! Right before bed a cup of warm milk can get you warm on the inside and help with the out, and that mug sure is a nice way to keep the hands warm.

rice bagFor your bed a hot water bottle or homemade rice pack, which are surprisingly easy to make (

Or you could invite someone over, now I’m not saying you need a sweet heart to keep yourself toasty, no a flat mate or buddy will work just as well, even just havin the extra body heat in the room will help to keep your nose as frost free as possible.

Good luck, say good bye to Jack Frost for me xxx

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