A day in the life of a Journalism student

By Mikayla Hopkins
Degree: Bachelor of Communication
Campus: Manawatu

Journalism is a rewarding and interesting degree to study and one that keeps my mind active and entertained all day. The following is an example of a day in the life of a Journalism student!

At 6am I wake up and secretly put on my heater to warm up my room. I know! What student can afford heating?! This is why I work! I pay extra into the flat account to cover the cost of occasionally heating my room. I spend half an hour going over my emails and looking through stream to see what readings need to be done and what assignments are due then I throw on some pants and I’m off! No time for makeup on a Monday.

I’m at work by 7am where I have my morning cup of tea and whatever food I can find (because who can afford a proper breakfast)!

By twelve I’m on my way to Massey where I hang out in the library trying to get my readings and assignments done while I eat my steak and vegie pie from the MUSA shop. At $3.50 it’s a bargain and impossible to pass up.

Usually this is the time of day I accomplish any errands or important jobs that I need to get done. Like paying car fees, cleaning the flat, or heading to the bottle store to buy up for the week (priorities, am I right?). Also, I write up a summary of the day’s news and read through current events to ensure I know what’s going on in the media.

Around 2pm I head to Radio Control to record the news broadcast, a recent volunteer position I have undertaken! Any experience as possible is necessary to prepare me for graduation and Radio Control provides a friendly environment to learn skills and get out of my comfort zone.

All day I am paying attention to what is going on around me, always looking to see if I can find a story buried beneath the day’s events. If I see something newsworthy I make sure to take a picture to include with my possible article.

At 3pm I have three classes, one after the other. After four hours of lectures my brain is dying! Usually during lectures (when I’m not taking notes) I try and work on assignments or have a brief read through stream and plan what I need to get done on which day for the rest of the week.

After classes is me time! This is when I go for a drive and park up somewhere and listen to music in my car. My car is warmer than my flat so I make the most of it. This is my time to unwind and to stop thinking about the stress of the day.

By 7pm I’m home and cooking dinner! Or buying dinner…. because cooking is NOT my forte and I don’t want to burn down the flat.

Then I chill in my room and eat my dinner while I plan the next article I want to submit to Massive Magazine. Another opportunity to gain experience while studying! I also think about everything I saw during the day and weigh up what would make a good story and why, thinking about the news values attached to the events from my day.

To end the day, I tidy my room and prepare my clothes etc for the next day. A quick flick through Stuff news and the NZ Herald to check what’s on in the world and then I’m in bed watching my favourite Netflix show and relaxing before I fall asleep by ten, ready to do it all over again the next morning!

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