By Eva Izard
Degree: Bachelor of Communication
Campus: Wellington

A step by step guide to handling those below average days.

So, you had a rough day. Nothing went right and despite trying to remain defiantly positive, everything is actually just bloody hard. Sound familiar?

The truth is that we’ve all been there. We all know what it feels like to arrive home and to want nothing more than to curl up into a little ball of nothingness. This sounds serious, but something as minor as the weather can have a serious impact on our mood. But back to the ball of nothingness. Pro tip, don’t actually do that. Don’t curl up. Unless of course you really want to, then don’t let me tell you what you should and shouldn’t do.

But if you want to get out of your funk, stay tuned for my top 10 tips. If they don’t work, then you may feel free to curl up, because sometimes that actually is all you need.

1. Have a good cry (if you need to). Or you can scream, or punch a pillow. Anything that releases the tension. Seriously, it’s never healthy to bottle this stuff up. Listen to your body, feel the emotion and set it free.

2. Take off your clothes. Have a shower. Wash off the day. Wash off the embarrassment, the exhaustion, the workload. Whatever attached itself to you and wore you down, wash it off. Bonus points for using some sort of nice shower gel, you might still be sad but at least you’ll smell good.

3. Put on something really comfy. It might be your favourite tights, it might be your pyjamas, it might even be your exercise gear. If it is, consider going for a run. Running is a great outlet for anger and frustration, so it depends how you feel! If you do want to take it out on the pavement, feel free to raincheck step two. You can come back to that after. Chances are you’ll feel instantly better anyway. All about that #endorphinlife.

4. Boil the jug. This is a very important step because you’re going to need a cup of tea. I’d recommend camomile, but that’s just me. If what you need is an 800ml energy drink, then you do you. Also, even if you make the cup of tea and forget about it, that’s okay too. Sometimes just the idea of it is therapeutic enough, that’s the power of tea (I know, it’s beyond me…).

5. Put on some mellow tunes. You know what I’m talking about, some calming and chill indie beats. This is totally interchangeable, if you’d rather listen to Black Sabbath, I support that! My go to is usually Coldplay, because who doesn’t like to listen to sad things when they’re already sad to make them sadder? Kidding. For some reason it seems to have the opposite effect.

6. Talk to someone. Vent to your flatmate, your mum, your cat – basically anything that will listen (pin them down if you have to). This ALWAYS helps. Sometimes you don’t really even know what’s actually making you sad until you open your mouth. True story. Bonus points if your chosen person (or animal) can offer some solid advice.

7. Don’t scroll away your worries. This is not possible. This is never possible. Avoid social media. The last thing you need is to be staring at a screen seeing what a great time everyone else is having. I repeat, this will not help. Hide your phone somewhere and turn it on mute. Unless it is providing your mellow tunes. In that case I’m afraid you’ll just have to exercise self-control.

8. Cook something nice for dinner. Cooking can be really therapeutic, so take your time. Listen to music or chat with your flatmates while you chop your veges. Not only is the process calming, but you’ll get a really great meal at the end of it. Win/win.

9. Pick up a book. By keeping your mind busy, reading allows you to mentally escape the present. It’s basically like time travel, which is pretty damn cool if you ask me. Plus, it is far more conducive to sleep than staring at a little rectangle of blue light.

10. Collapse into bed. Don’t take your phone. Just lie down and feel the day lift away. You made it. You survived your below average day and you lived to tell the tale. The best thing about bad days is that usually (hopefully) they are few and far between. And do you know what that means? Statistically, tomorrow is going to be better.

So there you have it, my best tips for beating the blues at the end of a really long and really tough day.

Disclaimer – These rules are just a guide based on my personal experience, the most important thing to take from this is to be kind to yourself. You’re only human after all.


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