What we do

The Child Cancer Counselling Network

What is the aim of the Network?

The Network aims to provide free access to approved counselling support for parents/guardians/caregivers of children affected by cancer. This will involve the Child Cancer Foundation Support Coordinator making a referral for up to 6 sessions with an approved counsellor. If you find six sessions is not enough, you can discuss this with your counsellor, who can look at options for additional support.

Who is involved in the Network?

Child Cancer Foundation logoThe Network is a joint project between Child Cancer Foundation, the National Child Cancer Network, and Massey University. We are funded by the Child Cancer Foundation so there is no cost for parents/guardians/caregivers to use this service.

Massey University logoThe Network has been designed, established and coordinated by Massey University – Dr Kirsty Ross, Senior Clinical Psychologist and Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology, and Dr Don Baken, Senior Clinical Psychologist and Research Coordinator at the Psychology Clinic.

The Network is made up of professionals with specialised training from around New Zealand who can provide counselling in person or via telehealth (e.g. phone and video).

The Network enables Child Cancer Foundation Family Support Coordinators to link parents/guardians/caregivers of children diagnosed with cancer to approved counsellors who have training in this area. This is done in a confidential and sensitive manner and is independent of the child’s medical team.