The Consumer Dimension of Future Foods

The Consumer Dimension of Future Foods – welcome to our programme’s website.

This research project investigates the consumer drivers of plant-based protein consumption in terms of engagement by individuals across various ethnic and population groups. One main focus will be to identify sensory drivers.

Where do you fit in?

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There are many reasons for consumers to eat plant-based foods (PBFs). In the diagram above, we have visualised the most important drivers for consumers when choosing PBFs. Each factor can be either a motivator or a barrier.

An example:
Let’s take the example of social status. A person may choose PBFs because by eating them they associate with and/or are accepted by people with similar ideals. In this case, social status would be a motivator for eating PBFs.
On the other hand, a person may avoid PBFs because they are afraid of being judged by their family/friends. Maybe they associate eating meat with being ‘manly’ or rich? Social status would then be a barrier to eating PBFs.
In both of these examples, social status would be rated as ‘important’ concerning consumption of PBFs. However, social status may have no impact whatsoever on your choices. Then, it would be rated as ‘not important’.

“The Consumer has to WANT (not just like) the food” 

Any changes to our current food systems need to be consumer-led. Sustainable diets need to

  • taste good 
  • be effortless and cost-effective 
  • become the normal choice.

See our very own Professor Joanne Hort speak about the consumer at the 2021 Feed Our Future.