Dr Kuda Dube, School of Fundamental Sciences, Massey University

Kuda’s research interests lie in Knowledge Modelling, Security and Privacy with motivations from Health Informatics. His work has focused on knowledge modeling for incorporation into algorithms and computational paradigms to improve realism in outcomes. Kuda’s research work is multi-disciplinary involving both theory and practice in Computer Science and Health Informatics. He is a founding member of the HIKER Group.

Dr Scott McLachlanSchool of Electronic Eng and Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London

Scott is a post-doctoral researcher at Queen Mary University of London, UK. He has 15+ years experience as a Senior ICT Engineer, Software Architect and ICT trainer, adjunct lecturer and tutor. Scott is a founding member of the HIKER Group.

Prof Thomas GallagerApplied Computing and Engineering Technology, University of Montana

Tom is based at Missoula College of the University of Montana and is the Director for the cluster of Information Technology academic programs of study including: Programming and Application Development, Health IT, and Cybersecurity. Tom’s research interests span a variety of research areas in computing education, IT leadership, health informatics, computer security and privacy. Tom is a founding member of the HIKER Group.

Dr Stephen LeanSchool of Fundamental Sciences, Massey University

Stephen’s research work focuses on Information Quality and methods and techniques of measuring and communicating it. His research interest is currently in the area of quality indicators for the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and is investigating techniques and methods for assessing the quality of health information in EHRs as viewed from the perspective of the clinician’s decision-making process.

Doctor Derek BuchananPaediatric Consult Liaison, Auckland District Health Board, Starship Hospital, New Zealand

Derek is a medical doctor, and certified health informatitian (CHIA), based in Auckland, NZ. He works in both primary and tertiary care in his medical role. He has certifications in SNOMED-CT (foundation & implementation), and has completed the HL7 FHIR course. Derek is in his final year of his Software Engineering degree at Massey University, and has a broad range of interests. He has been an active member of the group since 2017, and has participated in a number of projects.

Haydn Patterson, Industry Practitioner, Software Developer

Senior software development contract developer focusing on server systems architecture, software integration and real time network solutions for businesses. Extensive development experience with online advertising, healthcare, social media, and general business solutions with exposure to local (NZ) and international markets. Interests involve language design, concurrent systems programming, compilers and tooling, network protocols and software architecture.

Ass Prof Fredrick J MtenziInstitute for Educational Development, The Aga Khan University, East Africa

Fredrick is currently the Deputy Head of Research at Aga Khan University’s Institute for Educational Development in East Africa. He is also supervising postgraduate students at master’s and Ph.D. levels. He has authored or co-authored over 60 scientific publications in algorithm design, energy aware mobile ad hoc networks, computer games, computer education, and security. His research interests include the design and implementation of energy-aware routing algorithms for mobile ad hoc networks (MANET), security issues in MANET and e-healthcare, application of mobile computing to healthcare, high-performance e-commerce, knowledge management, and development of culturally sensitive educational models (Ireland, China, and Tanzania).He is a Professional Member of the ACM, IEEE, and the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA).

Dr Zanifa Omary, Computer Science and Information Systems, The Institute of Finance Management (IFM), Tanzania

Zanifa Omary currently works as a lecturer and researcher at the Department of Computer Science at the Institute of Finance Management. Her research work is on the area of Health Informatics.