We are always looking for new network members who are committed to uploading their data and associated metadata to the Ira Moana Database, or want to make other contributions to the Project.

What does being part of the Ira Moana Network mean?

Being part of the network is being ‘on-board’ with the things that the Ira Moana Project is trying to achieve for New Zealand, and the metadata standards that GEOME is accommodating for researchers worldwide. This may mean adding metadata to the Ira Moana Database or supporting the project initiatives in some other way. Operationally, you will be added to the list of network members and we will keep you informed regarding what is happening in the Ira Moana Project. As a network member you will be acknowledged on all research outputs. The ‘Ira Moana Network’ is a consortium name that will be used in the list of authors to acknowledge the research contributions of all Ira Moana Network members.

See our network membership and authorship guidelines for more information.

Join the Ira Moana Network

If you would like to join the Ira Moana Network, contact the Project Coordinator