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One of the outcomes from our Early Career Workshop in April was a plan for what we’d like to improve in terms of genetic and genomic research in New Zealand, and the practice of molecular ecologists in our nation. This ‘prospectus’ is still being honed for publication (we’ll keep you posted!), but one of the areas we wanted to improve was community and communication among early career researchers interested in genetic and genomic research.

If you feel the same, and want to stay up-to-date and in touch with other researchers in the field, feel free to join us on Slack. Contact the Project Coordinator to get involved.

World Data Systems Data Stewardship Award – WE WON!

The World Data System (WDS) of the International Science Council (ISC, formerly ICSU) supports long-term stewardship of quality-assured scientific data and data services across a range of disciplines. Each year a WDS Data Stewardship Award is awarded to an early career researcher for exceptional contributions to the improvement of scientific data stewardship through their engagement with the community, academic achievements, and innovations. The Ira Moana Project coordinator, Dr. Libby Liggins, is the 2019 recipient!

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Initiative to maintain indigenous rights to genetic resources – FUNDED!

Through collaboration with Local Contexts and Te Mana Rauranga (the Māori Data Sovereignty Network), the Ira Moana Project and GEOME are now beta-testing the capacity for researchers to add a Traditional Knowledge Notice (TK Notice) and new Biocultural Labels as metadata. Our latest Catalyst Seeding Funded project ‘Te Tuākiri o te Tāonga: Recognising Indigenous Interests in Genetic Resources’ looks to develop pilot use-cases for a ‘Biocultural Labelling’ system that will make visible the provenance and ethics of genetic resources, outlining community expectations about appropriate use of these resources, thereby maintaining relationships to the data over time and the recognition of indigenous rights. The implementation of a TK Notice and Biocultural Labels using GEOME’s infrastructure is a first for a biological resource and for genetic data, establishing new ethical standards in this research community.

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