te ao Māori News: Māori enterprise – awakening the taniwha

Bringing Māori values into the business world seems to be a winning formula.

The Māori economy is believed to be worth up to fifty billion dollars.  Six billion of that is iwi-owned post treaty settlement assets.  The rest is from small to medium sized Maori businesses and a flair for entrepreneurship.

Businesses range from traditional activities such as farming, foresty and fishing to health care and new high tech initiatives.

However, the businesses often have one thing in common, Māori values at the core of their business practice.

Senior business lecturer Dr Jason Mika of Massey University did his thesis on what makes Māori businesses stand out.

He says the companies he studied were proudly Māori and it was important to them to do business in a way that does no harm to people or the environment.

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