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The Te Au Rangahau research platform is based on four fundamental pillars that work in unison to support and develop a prosperous and sustainable Māori economy.

The wha whai

Māori culture for a long time has been seen as a liability for many.  I feel that point of difference is one of our most untapped resources and assets ever

Māori Entrepreneur Robett Hollis

Featured projects

Developing a Māori theory of value

How can the values that drive the Māori economy be understood and articulated within a theoretical context, and be utilised by Māori communities to enhance wellbeing?

Genomics Aotearoa – Te Nohonga Kaitiaki

A comprehensive
framework for research positioned at the
intersection of genomics, innovation and Te Ao Māori.

Te Hononga: Modelling indigenous collaborative enterprise

Matt Roskuge leads this project to identify principles and models which can inform Māori and non-Māori about enterprise collaboration.