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13th Symposium of the Regional Science Association International
Cochrane, W., Poot, J. & Roskruge, M. (2021). Vulnerable People, Local Labour Market Resilience and Global Shocks: New Zealand evidence from the Covid-19 pandemic and the Global Financial Crisis

New Zealand Association of Economists Conference
Wellington, New Zealand
Roskruge, M. (2021). Māori perspectives on social capital


Asia-Pacific Economic and Business History Conference 2020
Canberra, Australia
Roskruge, M.J., Dreise, T., & Bodle, K. Keynote panel presentation: Indigenous perspectives on economic history and colonisation


Social Capital and Development Trends 2019
Bali, Indonesia
Roskruge, M.J: Māori social capital and wellbeing

Promising Futures. Ināia Tonu Nei (Māori Justice Hui) 2019
Rotorua, New Zealand
Roskruge, M.J.

33rd ANZAM Conference: Wicked solutions to wicked problems: The challenges facing management research & practice, 3-6 December 2019
Brisbane, Australia
Jurado, T., & Mika, J. P. (2019). Indigenous exporting enterprises and trade policy: The Māori business experience. In S. Macht (Ed.), – (pp. 1-13)

The Business Association of Latin American Studies (BALAS) conference 2019: Lighting the future in Latin America in times of uncertainty: Fostering innovation and employability
Lima, Perú
Felzensztein, C., Macpherson, W., Mika, J. P., & Tretiakov, A.: Regional Indigenous entrepreneurship: A South-to-South exploratory comparison.


Te Manu Atatū networking meeting
Mud Ducks Cafe, Whanganui, New Zealand
Mika, J. P.: Te Manu Atatū: The role of Māori business networks in Māori entrepreneurship

ABEN 2018: Ethics and Sustainability in the Age of Disruption
Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand
Jurado, T., & Mika, J. (2018). Maori internationalisation and trade policy: the role of business ethics.

North American Regional Science Conference 2018
San Antonio, Texas
Roskruge, M.J. & Poot, J.: Regional Population Diversity and Social Capital Formation

32nd ANZAM Conference: Managing the many faces of sustainable work
Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand
Mika, J. P.: Māori responsiveness: What it means, why mainstream organisations do this and what differentiates those that do it well?

8th Biennial International Indigenous Research Conference
Mika, J. P., Reid, J., Hikuroa, D., Awatere, S., Wiremu, F., Rakena, M., Bodwitch, H.: Whai rawa, whai mana, whai oranga: Creating world-leading indigenous blue economy
Hudson, M., Mika, J. P., Wilcox, P., Battershill, C., Ruru, J., Brooks, R., Nikora, T.: Te nohonga kaitiaki: Developing guidelines for genomic research on taonga species
Mika, J. P., Warren, L., Palmer, F. R., & Jacob, N.: Entrepreneurial ecosystem efficacy for indigenous entrepreneurs.

Wabi-sabi (侘寂): Transience in Organisational Life SCOS/ACSCOS Conference (Standing Conference on Organisational Symbolism (SCOS) and Australasian Caucus of Standing Conference on Organisational Symbolism (ACSCOS))
Palmerston North, New Zealand
Mika, J. P.: Indigenous Māori and Japanese management in a curious case of ‘East meets East’.
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Joint New Zealand Geographical Society and Institute of Australian Geographers Conference
University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Mika, J. P., Hikuroa, D., Reid, J., Awatere, S., Wiremu, F., Rakena, M., . . . Bodwitch, H.: Whai Rawa, Whai Mana, Whai Oranga – Creating a world-leading indigenous blue economy

World Indigenous Tourism Summit 2018 Research Symposium
Waikato-Tainui Endowment College, Hopuhopu, Ngāruawāhia.
Mika, J. P.: Indigenous tourism research: A Māori perspective

Conference on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: The Declaration’s Impact and Relevance to the Community
Wellington, New Zealand
Mika, J. P.: The role of UNDRIP in indigenous entrepreneurship and innovation


Te Wero Pakihi: Māori Business Challenge
Wellington, New Zealand: Māori Women’s Development Incorporated
Mika, J. P. (2017). Māori entrepreneurship research, policy and practice: An academic perspective

Native Nations Institute workshop with Joan Timeche
University of Auckland Business School, Auckland, New Zealand
Mika, J. P. (2017, March 24). Te Au Rangahau: Advancing Māori business and leadership research

16th Annual Symposium of Native and Indigenous Scholarship (NOIS) 2017
Seattle, Washington
Roskruge M.J.: Economic contribution of Te Reo Māori

31st ANZAM Conference: Creative disruption: managing in a digital age
Brisbane, Australia
Walker, D., Mika, J. P., & Palmer, F. R.: Mā wai hei kaitiaki matihiko mā tātau? Who shall be our digital guardian as indigenous entreprneuers?
Mika, J. P.: Indigenous entrepreneurial capabilities: Rethinking the role of enterprise assistance

The Economic Contribution of Te Reo Māori. He Manawa Whenua 2017
Hamilton, New Zealand
Morrison, S., Maxwell, T., & Roskruge, M.J.

North American Regional Science Conference 2017
Vancouver, Canada
Roskruge, M.J. & Cochrane, B & Stubbs, T.: The impact of regional economic resilience and social connectedness on post-crisis employment trends: Evidence from New Zealand

Massey Business School Research Translation Competition Vol. 5
Mika, J. P.: Māori entrepreneurial success: The new ‘normal’

Ka whawhai tonu mātou: Beyond capitalism – beyond colonisation: The fourth annual conference in the Social Movements, Resistance and Social Change
Massey University, Albany Campus, Auckland
Mika, J. P., Smith, G. H., Gillies, A., & Wiremu, F.: Unfolding tensions within the social order of iwi

The Baugh-Ratio Colloquium for Young Social Scientists Policy for innovative entrepreneurship 2017
Stockholm, Sweden
Mika, J. P.: Indigenous entrepreneurship in Aotearoa New Zealand: Lessons for entrepreneurial policy and assistance

77th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management
Atlanta, United States of America
Dell, K., Mika, J. P., & Warren, L: Indigenous entrepreneurial ecosystems: A New Zealand perspective

Massey School of Management Big Issues Debate Series: Perspectives on ageing and workforce participation
Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand
Mika, J. P.:Aging and work: A Māori perspective


30th ANZAM Conference 2016: Under New Management: Innovating for sustainable and just futures
Brisbane, Australia
Mika, J., Bensemann, J. M., & Fahey, N. (2016). What is a Maori business? A study of the identity of indigenous enterprise.
Mika, J. P. (2016). Indigenous intersections with business: The indigenous entrepreneurs’ dilemma: Balancing cultural and commercial imperatives in business

International Indigenous Research Conference 2016
Auckland, New Zealand: Ngā Pae o Te Māramatanga Māori Centre of Research Excellence
Joseph, R. A., Kilgour, J., Mika, J. P., Rakena, M., Tahana, A., & Jefferies, T. P. (2016). Te pae tawhiti: Exploring collaboration, good governance and active management in Māori enterprise performance
Mika, J. P. Enterprise assistance and indigenous entrepreneurship in Aotearoa New Zealand

Pacific Regional Science Summer Workshop 2016
Bangkok, Thailand
Roskruge, M.J. & Poot, J.: Regional Diversity and Social Capital Formation

The Pathways, Circuits and Crossroads Conference 2016
Wellington, New Zealand 
Roskruge M.J.: Social capital accumulation and immigrant integration: a synthesis of New Zealand research

Exploring cultural perceptions of money and wealth
Auckland, New Zealand
Wood, P., & Mika, J. P. (2016, October 10). Cultural perceptions of money and wealth: An international survey

Te Mata o Te Tau Doctoral Symposium 2016
Te Pūtahi a Toi Māori Studies
Mika, J. P.: Doing a PhD: Tales from a wannabe academic among other things


North American Regional Science Conference 2015
Portland, Oregon
Cochrane, W., Brabyn, L., Jackson, N., Roskruge, M.J. & Simone, F.: Regional Demographic and Economic Change in New Zealand

European Regional Science Conference 2015
Lisbon, Portugal
Roskruge, M.J. & Cochrane, W.: Long Term Patterns of Regional Economic and Demographic Change

He Manawa Whenua Indigenous Research Conference 2015
The University of Waikato. Hamilton, New Zealand
Roskruge, M.J.: Understanding Social Capital using Te Kupenga

Human Capital and Aging Workshop 2015
Harvard School of Population Health, Boston MA.
Cameron, M., Koopman-Boyden, P. & Roskruge, M.J.: Labour Participation, human capital and Well-being among older New Zealanders

Western Economics Association International Conference 2015
Wellington, New Zealand
Stubbs, T., Cochrane, W., & Roskruge, M.J.: The impact of Regional Economic Resilience and Social Connectedness on Post-Crisis Employment Trends

Takiwai Māori business network guest speaker series 2015
Rotorua, New Zealand
Mika, J. P. Māori entrepreneurship: What is a Māori business and is there a Māori way of doing business?

Indigeneity and natural resource management Seminar: Balancing cultural and commercial imperatives Lessons from Australia and New Zealand cross-cultural researchers and practitioners
Palmerston North, New Zealand: Massey University School of Management
Mika, J. P., Palmer, F. R., Forster, M., Harmsworth, G., Goff, S., Colliver, R.: Indigeneity and natural resource management


Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research Exchange Conference 2014
Sydney, Australia
Mika, J. P.: Manaakitanga: Is generosity killing Māori enterprises?


New Zealand Applied Business Education Conference 2012
Hamilton: Waikato Institute of Technology
O’Sullivan, J. G., & Mika, J. P.: Encouraging Māori participation in management education in Aotearoa New Zealand: Why it matters and how it can be achieved.

57th International Council for Small Business World Conference
Palmerston North: Massey University
Tinirau, R., & Mika, J. P. (2012). Pinepine te kura: Nurturing Māori values and customs in business