Te Ao Māori News: Economics lecturer says lack of people movement will hurt economy

Massey University economics and finance senior lecturer Matthew Roskruge of Te Ati Awa and Ngāti Tama says if New Zealand’s borders aren’t opened to trading partners soon, this will have a long term effect on industry.

He also asks without a free-flowing market, what the economic impact would be on New Zealand’s economy if the borders aren’t opened to trading partners and how long before New Zealand will see those impacts?

“It’s the movement in people, that’s the real problem. In the short run that’s really hurting tourism of course but the move to domestic tourism has some interesting positives. It may be quite good for Northland perhaps. Instead of going to the Cooks or going to Hawaii for holiday they go to Northland. But that small silver lining is on a big dark cloud, which is that lack of movement of people.”

Roskruge says if movement of people is still limited by 2022 or late 2021 it will really start to impact the way New Zealand conduct business.

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