Stuff: Budget 2021: Māori Health Authority funding should be ‘at least’ proportionate to population, commentator says

The Government has provided $98.1 million in establishment funding, but the people the Māori Health Authority (MHA) will be helping are no closer to finding out how much of the overall health budget the new agency will receive.

…Massey University school of economics and finance associate professor Matthew Roskruge believed the new authority would have a procurement focus, rather than being a provider.

“Hopefully that changes and there’s a bit more money put into the provision of Māori health.

“I think we have to be really careful that [the set-up funding announced on Thursday] isn’t just a lolly scramble for consultants and for people to have opinions, and that it actually delivers something for iwi, hapū, whānau on the ground,” Roskruge said.

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