A fabulous meeting of minds on a balmy December day

Emeriti professors from across New Zealand gathered in the grounds of Tiritea House for a luncheon hosted by the Vice-Chancellor.

From left to right: Professor Emeritus Ian Warrington, Professor Jenny Carryer and Blondie Warrington

From left to right: Professor Emeritus Graeme Fraser, Vice-Chancellor Professor Jan Thomas and Professor Emeritus Nigel Long

From left to right: Judith Edwards, Professor Emeritus Barrie Macdonald and Maureen Macdonald

From left to right: Professor Emerita Silvia Rumball, Jean Thomas and Anne Walker

Professor Emeriti Norma and Malcolm Chick at the Professor Emeriti Luncheon

From left to right: Glynnis Cropp, Garry Hermansson and Tony Paterson