Expressive Arts is an interdisciplinary programme that comprises three major discipline areas: creative writing, theatre arts, and media practice.  Expressive Arts papers can be taken as a major or minor within the Bachelor of Communications, as part of an English or Media Studies major/minor in the Bachelor of Arts, or as elective subjects.

The Expressive Arts programme explores the importance of artistic expression and the value of creative communication. Our programme investigates how and what creative works communicate, and why creative endeavors are important.

We are interested in some of the fundamental questions that have traditionally underscored studies in the humanities, including questions about aesthetics, emotions, beauty, truth, identity and what it might mean to be human in the 21st century. Expressive Arts explores these questions in relation to principles of creative processes, aesthetic dynamics, and notions of cultural citizenship.

The programme equally values the roles of creative activity and critical enquiry in offering ‘ways of knowing’ that can help us to better communicate and understand important issues facing our globe, our nation, our home, and our selves.  Papers are taught by subject lecturers who are practicing artists in their fields and the curriculum offers a balance of ‘hands on’ artistic practice and scholarly research.

If you have an interest in art, creative writing, media or theatre, if you want to develop your artistic literacy or your practical creative skills, if you are an aspiring cultural producer, if you have a novel, a poem, a play, or a film that you have always wanted to produce, then Expressive Arts is the programme for you.

The staff in Expressive Arts have the academic expertise and the practical experience to help develop your research, critical thinking, and interpretation skills, as well as your proficiencies in communication, expression, and practical creative skills.

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