Create1World 2020: Competition Details and How to Enter

Competition instructions 2020:

Think about how artistic creativity can help us better understand and resolve global problems faced by humanity in the 21st Century. Themes might include tolerance, inclusivity, diversity, sustainability, peace, human rights, climate change, refugees, global inequality or the responsibilities of multinational organisations.

Think about what it might mean to be a ‘global citizen’. There are some research resources (including a report written by young people) on the New Zealand Centre for Global Studies website at  and we post regular examples on our Create1World Facebook page, but you are also encouraged to develop your own ideas about creating global unity through the expressive arts.

Creating ‘one world’ does not mean all of us becoming the same – to us, it actually means almost the opposite, that is, all of us understanding the value in different ways of thinking and being, and realising that from our differences come our collective strengths. We are inspired by the whakataukī “Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourou, ka ora ai te iwi.”  The literal translation of this might be ‘With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive.’  It has a deeper significance, though, which is to allegorise the power of collective action, and the strength to be found through valuing diversity.  It might be interpreted as: from our differences comes our strength; or, we are stronger together.

Check out some of the other ‘inspiration items’ on the Create1World Facebook Page at and then get creative with brainstorming your own ideas for making the world a better place, together.

Take your ideas and turn them into a creative output in one of the four categories below. First, second and third prizes will be awarded for each category. (Please note, if your item was created by a group, the prize money will be shared among the group.)

“I wanted to let you know how profusely life-changing the Create1World conference was for me. I have always loved acting, writing, and creativity, and realising how fundamental and incredibly powerful they can be for making a change has blown my mind.” (Student, Wellington)

Brainstorming in action at Create1World 2016

o             Media Studies and Social Studies Category:  ($200 first prize, $150 second prize, $100 third prize) – Produce either a layered narrative film (3 – 5 minutes) OR a researched film documentary (3 – 5 minutes) that responds to ideas of creative activism and global citizenship OR provide creative multimedia evidence (3 – 5 minutes) of an original social studies project you have developed (individually or in a team) that implements ideas of creative activism and global citizenship

o             Speech and Drama Category: ($200 first prize, $150 second prize, $100 third prize) – Devise and perform a short drama (6-10 minutes) that responds to ideas of creative activism and global citizenship OR write and perform an original persuasive speech (3-5 minutes) that addresses issues of creative activism and global citizenship

o             Creative Writing Category: ($200 first prize, $150 second prize, $100 third prize) – Produce a piece of crafted and controlled creative writing in the genre of either poetry or short story that responds to ideas of creative activism and global citizenship

o             Music category: ($200 first prize, $150 second prize, $100 third prize) – Compose and record an original song (1-3 minutes long) that responds to ideas of creative activism and global citizenship

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the conference today. The speakers and performers were all very insightful and inspiring. It’s great as a young person to be presented with eye opening and innovative opportunities like today’s conference. Thank you and your team for all the work you put in.” (Student, Wellington)

o             There will also be a People’s Choice Award for the publicly posted entry that gets the most likes on our Create1World Facebook page.

Check the finer details including maximum lengths.

o             All entries must be able to be viewed online for judging.  If you are entering a performance or song it will need to be recorded and either uploaded as a visitor post to our Facebook page or sent to us by Messenger to our Facebook page, for judging.

o             You can enter as an individual or in a team. There is no limit on the size of teams. Please make clear the names of all persons who are part of your team, when you enter. Any prize money will be split equally among the team.

o             We accept entries in English, te reo Māori, and New Zealand Sign Language.

o             By entering this competition you agree to the following Terms and Conditions (Click through here for full T’s & C’s)

To enter, go to the Create1World Facebook Page and either post your submission on the page as a visitor post (you will see other previous entries in the visitor posts area) OR send your entry to us by Messaging directly to the Create1World Facebook Page.  Please note, only entries publicly posted to the page as a visitor post are eligible for the People’s Choice Award. Entries sent by Messenger will be judged in the general judging but will not be eligible for People’s Choice.

The competition opens for entries on December 18, 2019, and you must post your full entry by 21:00pm NZST on June 2, 2020.  You can enter at any time during this period. If you intend to try for the ‘People’s Choice’ award (most likes on Facebook) you must enter with a public post, and are encouraged to enter early in the competition window, to give your entry lots of time to gather likes. The People’s Choice award is judged by counting the likes on public visitor posts to the page as at 17:00pm NZST on July 1, 2020. Only likes that occur on the item on our page count, not anywhere else.

Judging will take place after June 2, 2020 and on or before July 2, 2020.  This year, there will be no live finals – judging of electronic items will be the final judging. Winners will be contacted electronically, and their details announced electronically, as per the competition terms and conditions linked above.