Create1World 2020: About Your Hosts

Create1World 2020 is brought to you by:

  • Massey University School of English & Media Studies: Massey University’s Expressive Arts programme is a unique interdisciplinary curriculum that teaches you to better connect with the world around you and to use the arts and creativity to develop new ways of dealing with tough issues facing our planet. Expressive Arts enables you to combine theatre, creative writing and digital media production in quantities that suit your interests, and use them to develop innovative solutions to global and local issues.  In Expressive Arts, we believe that innovation is the act of looking to problem-solve from a different angle – of generating new ways of perceiving and responding.  We know that exposure to creativity stimulates new neural pathways, allowing new approaches and breakthroughs – and we firmly believe that it is harnessing creativity that will give us a positive future. See more about Massey’s innovative Expressive Arts programmes here:
  • New Zealand Centre for Global Studies: Global studies is the study of humanity as a whole group, the emerging political self‐identity of a global community of peoples; and the identification and resolution of global problems (those problems which threaten the planet and humanity as a whole). The NZ Centre for Global Studies is a non‐profit organisation (a charitable educational trust) founded in December 2012. The aim of the Centre is to undertake research and policy analysis on issues of global affairs and New Zealand’s role within that. Thematic areas of focus include sustainability, peace and security, human rights and international law and organisations. See more at: