2018 SheepMilkNZ Conference Proceedings

2018 SheepMilkNZ Conference Proceedings

March 12 Day 1 Welcome 

Powhiri and Welcome with Lucy Griffith (CEDA), Professor Jan Thomas (Massey University Vice Chancellor)Jeff Grant (AgResearch Board Chair)Eric Crespo (De Laval, GM Sheep and Goat Systems)Julie Brownlee (Hanover Stud and Thorvald)

Session 1: Consumers, Markets and Products  (Chair, Craig Prichard)

 Session 2. AgResearch Session   (Chair Linda Samuelsson)

Panel 1 Off-Farm Research with Li Day, Fei Teng, Mikhail Vyssotski and Keegan Burrow

 Panel 2 On-Farm Research  with Diana Selbie, David Stevens and Adrian Molenaar

Session 3: MilktestNZ Regulation, Processing, Manufacturing, and Support 

 March 13 Day 2 Welcome 

Session 4: Agmardt International Guest Speaker Dave Thomas (U Wisconsin)

Session 5: DeLaval Farm Operations (Chair Rowan Galloway, De Laval)