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June 26, 2023

For many years the Library has provided access to previous exam papers to assist students with study and exam preparation.  These are becoming increasingly unavailable due to the move to online exams and other forms of assessment. As a result, there has been a steep decline in the number of exam papers the Library has received over the last three years.  

Providing previous exam papers which are more than three years old to students may be more misleading than helpful, so the Library will only host the previous three years of exam papers that are sent to us. Past exam papers from the Massey Business School will still be available for the previous 3 years if they have been sent to us.  

All exam papers older than three years will be removed from Discover and the Library website during July 2023.  Our FAQ details how past exam papers can be found.


2 responses to “Exam papers”

  1. Eric Jacob says:

    Request for 237130 Communication for Makers past papers

    • Massey University Library says:

      Hi Eric, As far as we are aware this course is internally assessed and has no exam component. We suggest you check back with your lecturer and this semester’s Stream site for more details.

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