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Google Scholar, Scopus and the h-index – a social science micro-study

May 22, 2015

Like it or not, the h-index and citation counting season is upon us again. Recently I had an interesting case brought to my attention of a Massey researcher in the social sciences who had a pretty reasonable h-index in Scopus and a much better one...Read more

Web of Science and Google Scholar

March 25, 2014

You may have noticed new links between Web of Science and Google Scholar in some records. However, MasseyLink should still be the first port of call if you want the best chance of getting to the full text of articles. MasseyLink (which will look at...Read more

Save items to Google Scholar

November 28, 2013

Google Scholar has introduced a new feature, My library, which allows you to save items to return to later. It works much the same as the folders do when you sign in to Discover and many of our other databases. You can read more about it in the...Read more

I recommend… Google Scholar

October 10, 2013

This week Librarians Nicola Harris and Megan Ingle, from Turitea Library, recommend one of their favourite resources… We recommend Google Scholar for anyone – from undergraduate to postgraduate students, and staff. We like it because...Read more

The thing about Google Scholar

September 13, 2013

I’m a fan of Google Scholar, no doubt about it. From a practical point of view you can’t go past it as a tool for finding documents by subject and, much as I prize and value our databases, if you restrict your searching to the traditional...Read more

Google Scholar Fixed

February 7, 2013

Update 07/02/13: Google Scholar is now displaying MasseyLink correctly, and connecting to our subscribed material as it should. A few points to note: the MasseyLink button may be hidden under ‘more’ in each result if you are on campus...Read more

Google Scholar Formats References

October 30, 2012

Google Scholar now has a ‘Cite’ feature, which formats items for your reference list, and allows easy exporting to EndNote. Just click on ‘Cite’ in the results list to see how the reference looks in various styles, or to...Read more

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