Google Scholar, Scopus and the h-index – a social science micro-study

May 22, 2015

Like it or not, the h-index and citation counting season is upon us again. Recently I had an interesting case brought to my attention of a Massey researcher in the social sciences who had a pretty reasonable h-index in Scopus and a much better one...Read more

Scopus and Internet Explorer 11

March 6, 2014

Update 17/03/14: Scopus now appears to be displaying normally in IE 11. If you have switched to IE 11’s compatibility view you may need to disable that view and clear your cache. Scopus is not always displaying correctly in Internet Explorer 11...Read more

New look Scopus

February 12, 2014

Scopus has upgraded to a new look this week. All the same functionality is there, with a few extras. Please contact us if you have any queries...Read more

I recommend… Scopus

October 29, 2013

This week Librarians Nicola McCarthy, Alison Wallbutton and Bruce White, from Turitea Library, recommend one of their favourite resources… We recommend Scopus for staff and postgraduate students. We like it because of its very full citation...Read more

Impact Factors, Eigenfactors, SNIPS and Other Partial Measures

October 4, 2013

Zombie bibliometrics There are three common misconceptions about journals and research evaluation that don’t seem to want to die, no matter how often angry mobs shoot at them with silver bullets or drive a stake through their hearts. Like many...Read more

Scopus, you’re unravelling

August 19, 2013

The first part of this posting originally appeared on Library Out Loud on Tuesday 13 August. The posting was substantially updated this morning but was then taken off the site – fortunately we are now able to reinstate it. Some minor changes...Read more

Are our databases letting us down? Some reflections

February 11, 2013

My last posting on the appearance of a highly questionable journal in the Scopus database has raised a few eyebrows and has also given rise to the question of whether I may have singled out Scopus, and its parent company Elsevier, unfairly.  To...Read more

Are our databases letting us down? A case study

February 1, 2013

After my recent posting on Open Access journals  I had a closer look at Jeffrey Beall’s list of predatory publishers and in particular at the list of suspect journal titles.  I had become aware some time ago that at least one very...Read more

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