Get Smart on Google: Site/Domain Searching

October 8, 2012

Do you need New Zealand government documents on a particular topic? Want to see what a particular organisation says about something? Looking for information on wine-making in Azerbaijan (yes really, thanks to the student who came in with this query)?

Try a site or domain search in Google. You put in the part of the url that relates to the site or domain you are interested in.

It’s available in Google’s Advanced Search:

Site/domain search

Or you can just type it in using the usual search box. After your search words, type site:then the relevant part of the url

The part of the url you put in can be as specific as a website (, as broad as a country (.az), or anything in between (

So for example:




And have a look at the other options in the Advanced Search (in Google there’s a link at the bottom of search results, and from the cog at the top right). After a particular language, file type, date range, weight(?!)… it’s all there, and more.

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