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January 17, 2013

Keep calm and ask a librarian

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  1. Virginia Westerberg says:


    I found the previous version of the Article Databases very convenient and easy to use. On the right hand side of the page l could select the database lwanted to use (Scopus, PsychInfo, Medline, EbscoHost, etc).

    Google, Yahoo, Skype, etc., they all allow the option Classic View when they have just released a new version. It helps developers observe how many people stay with the previous version and how many move on.

    Now I have been typing the above database names in the new search box and it gets me nowhere. I have an interview today at 2pm and I absolutely needed to read two articles. This is very bad for me, very. as the reply will certainly not arrive today.

  2. Massey University Library says:

    Hi Virginia

    Sorry that the key databases list has had to go as a consequence of the new catalogue. But you should be able to get to your favourites on the article databases page by typing the title in or using the a-z list.

    Another option is to type the database name into the Discover search box on the Library home page.

    And if it’s a specific article you’re after, just type the article title itself into Discover. In most cases it should come up without having to go to another database.

    We’ll try to get in touch this morning to make sure you get the articles.

    • Jessica Miskin says:

      I agree about the no-longer available list of the main databases. Searching is all very well – if you know what database you are looking for already. I loved the missing feature and used the list all the time.

      • Massey University Library says:

        Sorry that the key databases list is no longer available.

        If you like a list of good multidisciplinary databases, a good alternative might be the General Databases page. Go to the Article Databases page as usual, then under Databases by Subject, choose General Resources.

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